Here you can find a brief information about Palamartsa village.


Palamartsa is a village in the Northeast of Bulgaria,  where you get the feeling of stepping back in time. There is no through road, so you rarely hear a passing car, and the air is clean. There is a forest and a lake nearby, and many fields, planted with corn and sunflowers. Shepherds pass by with their flocks,  villagers tend their vegetable gardens. And you wake up to the sound of cockerels. It is unspoilt by modernity. Some things are delivered by horse and cart, people are friendly and helpful, old fashioned values prevail here.

At the same time Palamartsa is only 10 minutes drive from the town of Popovo,  where you can find anything that civilisation has to offer. Popovo has good road links, a train station which is on the main rail link between Sofia and Varna, and a bus station that serves the local villages and also long distance coaches to other cities. Bulgaria is a beautiful country, with ski resorts in the mountains and a Black Sea coastline, plus a multitude of other attractions, and its all accessable by cheap public transport.

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The village has around 300 permanent residents including a mix of people from many countries as well as Bulgarians. And more people come to stay during summer months. The local people and the mayor are very welcoming. During the first week you will be invited to welcoming parties by all your neighbours. They will come to your gate to offer their produce, and help with whatever they can. Village elders have deep knowledge of the traditional ways of life, and are keen to pass it on to those that are interested.

Unfortunately many younger people have left to join the rat race in towns and cities and, like many other villages in Bulgaria, Palamartsa can do with some more people willing to live the simple lives here, but stay connected to the rest of the world. There are Bulgarian language classes in nearby Popovo too.


Fertile land, large common grazing, and good climate make Palamartsa an ideal place for self-sufficiency and small agricultural businesses, but there is scope for more.

Palamartsa has fast and reliable Internet, and local couriers offer excellent affordable next-day delivery service across Bulgaria and beyond, including refrigerated, making it suitable for a small scale craft or production business.

If you have a Western European retirement income, your pension will go a long way in Bulgaria. It is in the EU, so you have a huge potential market, but your overheads will be low and the cost of living is very reasonable.  Compared to the UK, everything is great value and good quality.


You can buy a solid house in need of renovation from €5,000, a complete ruin for rebuild from €2,000, and sometimes fully renovated houses come up for sale too. Most of the houses come with a good size plot, around 2000 square metres, and various agricultural buildings. All houses have electricity and water supply, or, if disconnected in the past, can be easily re-connected

Property taxes are only about €10 - €20 per the whole year.  Compared to the UK, it is very affordable in every respect.